Gender and Politics in the media

Ireland: Yes side now leads with men and women, Egypt: Women voters


Barring some dramatic event, Yes side should maintain its advantage come polling day Irish Times …The poll indicates that were it not for such a determined campaign by the Yes side there is every chance the No campaign might have taken the lead by this juncture.One achievement of the campaign has been to eliminate the marked difference between men and women in terms of supporting the treaty. In both genders the Yes side now leads the No by nine points. This contrasts with the last poll where women were much less likely to favour a Yes.


Writing Egypt’s history, with revolution in her DNA GlobalPost …“We have to dream,” Kamel tells the audience, a broad smile across her face. She lives by her word – a dreamer at the highest level, Kamel now claims the title of the first female to ever throw her hat into the ring for an Egyptian presidential election.

No More Good Men: Egypt’s Presidential Candidates Leave Women In A Quandary International Business Times …But for roughly one-half of Egypt’s population, the movement’s success was about much more than regime change. “It’s the first time I felt that men and women are equal in this country,” Engi Mahmoud, 16, told the Los Angeles Times.

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