Re-updated US: Tracking the gender gap and, for a change, some amateur comedy (end)

The gender gap in US Presidential support

NEW New voter ID laws could cost Romney the election allvoices Republican governors in more than 30 states have recently passed laws that restrict voters’ access to polling places, particularly minorities. However, in places like the key swing state of Florida, the new voter ID laws will also block Independents, women, Hispanics, and the elderly from voting. The loss of these crucial voting blocks could cost Romney the election.

NEW Video (with ad) Mitt Romney Attracts More Married Women in Poll ABC News Gap among female voters continues to narrow between Romney and Obama.

NEW Poll: Romney Takes Florida Lead MyFox Los Angeles Most polls of the voting bloc show Obama with much a greater lead. Similarly, it also shows Romney and Obama statistically tied among women, another group Obama is expected to win.

NEW (Video with ad): Is the Obama-Romney gender gap narrowing? (Wednesday’s Trail Mix) Washington Post (blog) A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows President Obama’s advantage over Mitt Romney among women has narrowed to 7 percent — down from a 19-percentage-point advantage last month. Does that mean the gender gap has narrowed for good?

NEW New poll puts Obama and Romney neck-and-neck NECN President Obama has a four-point lead among registered voters in the new NBC-Wall St. Journalpoll. He’s slipped a bit since last month, but holds a big lead among women, youth, and Hispanic voters.

NEW Quinnipiac poll: Mitt Romney leads in Florida Washington Post (blog) Women, who have given Obama an edge in previous swing-state surveys, are evenly divided in this poll, while men break for Romney 50 to 37 percent.

MPSL VLog: “I Wanna Be Loved By You”: Wooing Women Voters mypoliscilab 

NEW Obama’s Southern Discomfort (The Note) ABC News (blog) “The overall picture in Florida is positive for Romney, who is ahead 50-37 percent among men, while women are divided 44-45 percent,” said Quinnipiac pollster Peter A. Brown….

Obama leads Pa. by 8 points, new poll finds Pittsburgh Post Gazette The PPP Pennsylvania results also found a gaping gender gap in the president’s support in the state. Women supported the president by the landslide margin of 56 percent to 36 percent while men favored the Republican, 48 percent to 43 percent.

WRAL News poll: Presidential race dead heat in NC …There are clear divisions between the two candidates along racial and gender lines in the latest poll. Romney, for example, is preferred by male voters by a 51 to 38 percent margin, while Obama is favored by female voters by 50 to 40 percent, according to the poll…

Poll: Obama up among women voters The Last Word The fight for women voters is on! And the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found President Obama leading Mitt Romney among women by 15 points — 53 to 38 percent. In 2008, women voters helped Obama seal the deal and win the presidency with 56 percent voting for the Obama-Biden ticket compared to just 43 percent for McCain-Palin.

Romney closes the gender gap A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that in the last month Romney has closed his so-called gender gap from 19 to 7 percent.

The Campaign Dollar Gender Gap Center for Responsive Politics data shows that historically women give far less money to political candidates than men do — so far this election cycle, about 70 percent of the donors are men — but Obama bucks that trend. Overall, about 44.5 percent of his donors are female, and about 30.7 percent of Romney’s donors are women.

Obama’s Gay Marriage stance costing him Catholic, Women and Black vote As to Catholic women specifically, in the most comprehensive survey conducted on the issue yet, Washington-based public opinion firm QEV Analytics recently found that when all of their findings were consolidated, the mandate has yielded no advantage for the administration among the young female voters it was presumably targeting–where just 17% of women under 45 say they are more likely to vote for Obama because of it, and 26% who say they are less likely.

Romney, Republicans and women

Courting female vote, Romney recounts stories of success, hardship from women he says he’s met Washington Post, Romney courts women’s votes with stories Daily Herald, ‘A woman who. …’: Romney’s stories court females Arizona Daily Sun, ‘A woman who. …’: Romney’s stories court females San Jose Mercury News

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mitt Romney’s courtship of female voters in his typical campaign speech sounds a bit like a movie’s casting call. Woman Whose Husband Took an Upholstery Class. Woman Who Is Going Back To College. Woman Who Owns Duplexes. Romney’s campaign won’t identify these women, making it impossible to check the accuracy of the Republican presidential candidate’s accounts. It’s unclear whether they even know of their cameos in Romney’s campaign. But they’re serving an important role as he looks to narrow the advantage President Barack Obama has with female voters.

Republicans push “new perspective” on women CBS News In an apparent effort to woo women voters, House Republicans are launching the “Women’s Policy Committee,” a caucus aimed at showcasing the work of female lawmakers and touting a “new perspective” with regard to the GOP and women.

Forming a Caucus, Republican Women Send a Message New York Times (blog) The video features all 24 female legislators listing their credentials as both family women andconservative lawmakers, with a combined emphasis on their shared desire to “make America great again.”

Walker at Women’s Luncheon WGBA-TV More than 200 women showed up to hear Gov. Walker at the luncheon. After his speech, many of the women discussed those ads targeting the Governor and his stance on women’s issues.

Election 2012: Pro-business, conservative Plowman has ‘strong voice’ Press Herald …The lawmaker from Hampden is the only woman in the GOP primary, and the most politically experienced of the three socially conservative candidates who are vying for the support of the party’s right wing…

Ad aimed at women takes on Obama’s economic record Fox News This ad from Crossroads GPS, a group with ties to Republican political strategist Karl Rove, uses actors to evoke a potent mix of middle-class hopes and fears. It opens with a heartening suburban scene of a brother and sister shooting basketball in the driveway of their home.

Obama, Democrats and women 

The ‘Women’s Policy Committee’ gets to work (blog) Republicans seem vaguely aware of the fact that the gender gap is growing, and that the GOP’s “war on women” has become of the year’s most important political developments. The party also seems to realize how this problem may cost them dearly in the 2012 elections.

Democratic Congresswoman on Maddow: GOP’s New Women’s Caucus Can’t Mask Anti-Woman Policies (blog) 

House Republicans In GOP Women’s Caucus Consistently Vote Against Women’s Equality, Health International Business Times (Opinion) 

As Obama Seeks the Votes of Women New York Times (Opinion) 


The Monthly Hour (April)–Women Voter Panel – YouTube “The Monthly Hour with James Hesky” is written by and stars James Hesky, Pat House, Mary Radzinski, Jim Grammond and Darryl Charles. (Strong language).

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