Member research: In Hollande government women have half jobs, but less power than under Sarkozy.

In Hollande’s new government, women have half the jobs, but less real power than under Sarkozy 
by Rainbow Murray

Last week, the newly elected French president François Hollande unveiled France’s first parity government.  Women now hold nine out of eighteen cabinet posts (excluding the (male) prime minister), and 17 out of a total of 34 government posts.  This landmark moment comes in the wake of several unfulfilled promises of political parity in France.  However, while there is much to be welcomed, the portfolios allocated to women demonstrate that French women still do not enjoy political equality with men….

Tip from @philosopher1978

See also: Hollande Gets A-Minus on Promise to Women on Egalité in Power Bloomberg French President Francois Hollande promised gender parity in his government and better access to power for women. He kept his word, sort of. Europe’s second-largest economy now has an equal number of men and women in its cabinet of ministers for the first time. Still, women don’t hold the most critical ministerial posts and men account for more than 80 percent of Hollande’s powerful policy-making team at the Elysee presidential palace.

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