UK: David Cameron’s fear of women voters is going to lead him and the country to economic disaster

NEW David Cameron’s fear of women voters is going to lead him and the country to economic disaster The Telegraph (Opinion) Pity David Cameron. He is caught between a larger-than-life, shoulder-padded and strident-voiced working woman, and a beady-eyed, sharp-elbowed entrepreneur. The former wants flexible hours, extended parental leave, cheaper and more accessible childcare. The latter want to set business free of burdens – bureaucratic, financial, fiscal. In an election, offending working women is political suicide; in a recession, frustrating business is. 

How 10 Downing Street censored its own independent report into employment law The Telegraph October 2011 did not start well for David Cameron. The Prime Minister was under siege over his apparently high handed manner towards female MPs and an apparent indifference to the fact that women were suffering more than others under the cuts….

Twitter: Mark Gettleson ‏@polhomepulse Reason for Labour’s huge lead (15pts) among women? 12pts more likely than men to be ‘very worried’ they’ll suffer directly from cuts 30%-18%  10:59 AM – 22 May 12

Benefit changes: David Cameron is no longer on the side of single parents The Guardian (Opinion) The Tory leader pledged to support single mothers. His party is now wielding the axe against them

PNG’s Kidu says possibility of by-elections for reserved seats for women Radio New Zealand International The only woman in the Papua New Guinea parliament in the past two terms, Dame Carol Kidu, says there is a possibility of a by-election for reserved seats for women.

Egypt election candidates pay lip service to women’s rights CAIRO – Increased involvment in politics, a bigger role in business and equal rights to men. These promises have been made to women by Egypt’s presidential candidates from across the political spectrum as they seek to pull in female votes ahead of this week’s election. But women activists are worried politicians are merely paying lip service to improving women’s rights and, in some cases, may even roll back some of the advances made in recent years.

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