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Women and Politics member analysis

How David Cameron’s cuts strategy is losing him the support of Tory women
by  and  The Guardian

Despite Cameron’s attempts to woo them, Conservative women are far less fond of public sector cuts than Tory men In 2010, it appeared David Cameron had succeeded in delivering women’s votes back to the Conservative party: securing once again the support of middle- and high-income mothers of young children – those women who had turned to New Labour under Tony Blair. Since the election, the story looks less favourable for the party….

France gets a parity government – but it’s not a revolution
by Dr. R. Murray 

During the election campaign, François Hollande promised that he would install a parity government, although he added “which is not to say that [women] will have the same responsibilities”.  How true this turned out to be.  He honoured his promise of a parity government, with 50% (9/18) of the members of cabinet being women, and 50% (17/34) of the government being women after all other members were added.  That’s a first for France, and for this reason alone, this is a landmark event for women in French politics that is worthy of celebration.  He also honoured his promise to reinstate a women’s ministry, with its newly appointed minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, holding a cabinet portfolio.  However, women should not be popping the champagne corks just yet…

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