Updated US: ‘polling shibboleths’, The women’s vote, Opinion pieces, and The Best Of Stephen Colbert’s War For Women (Satire)

The Best Of Stephen Colbert’s War For Women (VIDEO) huffingtonpost.com (Satire) Check out our nine favorite clips from Colbert’s ‘War For Women,’ including his take on equal pay laws, Ann Romney and Rush Limbaugh. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite segment!

The Numbers Game vanityfair.com ‘…So what is significant? In roughly 25 years of covering politics myself, I’ve learned a few polling shibboleths:…’

5 reasons polls confound and confuse Politico (Opinion) I promise you this is not another one of my columns about how polls suck….In this week’s new and surprising New York Times/CBS News poll, if you bothered to read the sidebar on “How the Poll Was Conducted” and read all the way to the second to last sentence, you would find this admission: “In addition to sampling error, the practical difficulties of conducting any survey of public opinion may introduce other sources of error into the poll.” In other words, the “practical difficulties” of polling may mean the poll sucks…

Fox News Figures Attack Fox News Poll Showing Obama Lead Media Matters (link to Fox News segment) The poll, released May 16, shows President Obama with a 7-percentage point lead over Mitt Romney, including a 22-percentage point lead among women. Despite the fact that the poll was conducted by their own employer, Fox News figures almost immediately began downplaying the results and criticizing the methodology.

Obama: They still like him, but will they vote for him? cnn.com ‘…Women, once central to his base, are now drifting toward his opponent. He has even lost support among once-passionate young voters…’

Female Voters May Decide Outcome of 2012 Election Independent Voter Network According to the Reuters Center for American Women and Politics, every presidential election since 1980 has seen the number of female voters surpass that of males by between four to seven million votes.

Leading Women Defined ’12: Women Voters Wield Power bet.com (Opinion, Video link with ads) Exclusive: Journalist Joy-Ann Reid explains what’s at stake for women in the 2012 election. (2012)

War on women can be fought at the polls Seminole Chronicle (Opinion)

10 Battles in the War on Women Politic365 (Opinion) 

Real Women Are Not a Liberal Voting Bloc Big Hollywood (Opinion) 

Equal Rights Make Sense for US Economy New York Times (Opinion)

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