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2016 Undergraduate Essay Competition Winners Announced!

The PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group is delighted to announce the winners of our annual Undergraduate Essay Competition. This year’s judge, Professor Rosie Campbell (Birkbeck, University of London and Vice-Chair of the Political Studies Association) noted the high quality of this year’s essays, stating: ‘The submissions were again of an excellent standard with a range of topics covered from the study of women and war to maternity leave provision in UK higher education institutions. The two most outstanding essays both addressed issues of gender and globalisation.’

Our 2016 winners are:

First Prize – Sebastian Wigdel-Bowcott (University of Leeds): ‘Critically assess the implications of postcolonial theory for our understanding of contemporary feminist politics’

The judge said: ‘Sebastian’s essay (submitted by Dr Alexa Athelstan) combines a deep understanding of abstract theory with an excellent use of examples. It was well written and engaging. I particularly enjoyed the way he pulled in examples from contemporary feminist activism such as Femen’s ‘Topless Jihad’ campaign. These examples were analysed through the lens of feminist theorists such as Butler, Eisenstein and Chester. Overall, the essay is an exemplar of how to use examples to explore, critique and develop theoretical approaches to gender and politics.’

Read Sebastian’s essay here.

Second Prize – Pablo Pérez Ruiz (University of Edinburgh): ‘Is globalisation good for women?’

The judge said: ‘This essay (submitted by Dr. Claire Duncanson) is extremely well written and constructed and presents complex issues with nuance and insight. Pablo demonstrates that gender relations are central to economic globalisation and provides a thoughtful critique of approaches that fail to acknowledge the role of gender.’

Read Pablo’s essay here.

Congratulations Sebastian and Pablo!

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