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UK: Wizard of Oz-based polling adds little to public knowledge. Miliband: Women’s pay ‘fallen by £2.5k in three years’

Men prefer the Tin Man while women prefer the Scarecrow, while only the over-60s prefer the idea of being run by someone who is ‘all heart and no brains’.

Inspiration for rare snarky headline: But women prefer ‘all heart, no brains’ while men favour ‘brains, no … Daily Mail Voters want Britain to be run by a Tin Man politician who is ‘all brains and no heart’, according to new polling based on the Wizard of Oz which will be seen as a boost for David Cameron.

In a blow for Ed Miliband’s emotional pitch to the electorate, fewer people would vote for a Scarecrow, who is ‘all heart and no brains’. The survey of voters in the UK is based on polling which has successfully predicted the outcome of US Presidential elections.

Miliband: Women’s pay ‘fallen by £2.5k in three years’ ITV News The cost of living crisis is “hitting woman particularly hard” with their wages falling “by £2,500 in three years” because of stagnant wages and inflating prices, Ed Miliband has claimed.

The Labour leader denied to Daybreak that focusing on the gender pay gap was a cynical ploy to get votes:”When I have talked about the cost of living crisis, we’re saying we can do something about it. “So for example, we are going to give tax breaks to companies to pay a living wage, not just a minimum wage. That will make a difference to wages.”

Gender equality Fresh Business Thinking More than 140 major UK employers including BAE Systems and Royal Bank of Scotland have pledged to improve gender equality in the workplaceby signing up to the government’s Think, Act, Report (TAR) campaign, Women and Equalities Minister, Maria Miller announced today (Tuesday).

The voluntary scheme focuses on creating a cultural shift and encourages businesses to think about gender equality, take action to promote equal opportunities in their workplaces and report on what they are doing.

Can Women Save Democrats in 2014? The Atlantic Wendy DavisAlison Lundergan Grimes. Mary Burke. Allyson Schwartz. Michelle Nunn. Natalie Tennant. The Democratic Party is hoping 2014 will be a Year of the Woman—again.

As party operatives prepare for the midterm elections, Democratic women are being cast in starring roles, on the ballot and at the ballot box, as the party tries to take back politically important governor’s mansions and keep its fragile majority in the Senate.

“The importance of women to the Democratic Party in 2014 cannot be overstated,” said Jess McIntosh, a spokeswoman for EMILY’s List, which recruits and supports Democratic women candidates. “They are running in our biggest, most important races in the country.”

Recipe for Discrimination – Lofa Rep. Frowns On Women Wings in … Lofa County district #4 Representative Hon. Mariamu B. Fofana has frown on the creation of women’s wing in political parties in the country. Representative Fofana said putting women on the wing side of political parties deprives them of actively participating in the decision making of the party they belong to.

Government urged to fully implement law prohibiting FGM The Standard Digital News NAIROBI, KENYA: Nominated Senator Naisula Lesuuda wants the Government to fully implement the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act, complaining that despite the passing of the law measures have not been taken to assist in adequately fighting the vice. Lesuuda has sponsored a motion, which is now before the Senate, calling for the immediate creation and funding of the Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Board to lead the fight against FGM. Lesuuda wants the law, which was passed in 2011, fully implemented and especially on the creation of the board and further ensure that the same is “given requisite teeth” to fight the vice.

Delhi: Parties claim big, but still keep women out Deccan Chronicle New Delhi: Campaigning for the December 4 Assembly elections in Delhi ended on Monday with around 25 rallies and road shows being organised in the capital.The public engagement programmers included those by BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal.

While the city was plastered with posters promising safety to women and the issue figures big in party manifestos, only a few women have made it to the candidates’ list for the Delhi Assembly polls.

Both the BJP and the Congress may have supported the demand for reserving 33 per cent seats for women in Lok Sabha and legislative assemblies, but when it comes to fielding women candidates for polls in Delhi, the two parties fared poorly.

Only 11 women candidates have been fielded by the BJP and the Congress in the election for the 70-member House while 6 women are contesting the polls from Aam Admi Party.

Women Have Only 11% Representation In India’s Parliament South Asian Link NEW DELHI – Women have a poor 11% representation in India’s Lok Sabha and 10.6% in the Rajya Sabha, making India 108th among 188 countries covered in the annual analysis on statistics of women members of parliament (MPs) conducted by the Inter-Parliamentary Union(IPU).

Has Tony Abbott’s women problem returned? The Australian Financial Review New polling shows women have abandoned the Coalition and turned back to Labor since the election.

A commanding 54 per cent of women now prefer Labor on a two-party preferred basis, according to the latest Roy Morgan poll, up from 50.5 per cent in mid-November. This contrasts with men, whom the poll found favoured the Coalition by 51.5 per cent on a two-party preferred basis, down one percentage point in the past two weeks.

The strong shift of women away from the government means Roy Morgan now pegs the overall two-party preferred vote for Labor at 51.5 per cent, up from 49 per cent from mid-November.

This represents a 5 per cent swing away from the Coalition since the September 7 federal election, and is in line with last week’s AFR/Nielsen poll, which found an even larger swing against the government, putting Labor’s share of the two-party preferred vote at 52 per cent.

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