Call for Papers

Call for Panels, Roundtables and Papers: Midwest Political Science Association Gender and Politics Section

Dear Colleagues,

Although the Midwest Political Science Association has already started a massive email campaign to remind prospective participants of the upcoming deadlines for next year’s conference, I wanted to take the opportunity as the chair of the Gender and Politics section of the conference to encourage you to submit panels and papers. I would be particularly thankful for proposals for roundtables, as well as hearing your suggestions for other formats.

The section description is the following:

Section 30. Gender and Politics

This section welcomes papers and panels dealing with the gender dimensions of a broad range of topics. I am particularly interested in papers and panels that explore the diverse facets of women’s political participation and representation in various institutions (i.e., legislative, executive, or judicial branches of politics) as well as in local, regional, national, and transnational levels, the interplay between descriptive and substantive representation, the development and use of innovative data, theories, and empirical strategies to further gender research, the evolving role of women’s groups and the women’s movement in society, the role of gender in the formation of political identities, and the development of social policies related to women in both developing and developed countries.

The deadline for panel submissions is September 30, and the deadline for paper proposals is October 4.

For more information:

Contact: Jessica Fortin-Rittberger, Ph.D.

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