Gender and Politics in the media

A Male Feminist Speaks Out. Susan Sarandon Not a Feminist. Police appoints ‘women’s issues’ officer.

Younger women more likely to assert equality at workplace Indian Express The study found that because women from the so-called Generation Y – or those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s – have been raised with a “girls can do anything boys can do” attitude, they perceive greater gender equality in workplace skills …

The play revolves around a panchayat’s role in with regard to women’s honour. PHOTO: EXPRESS


Honour killing: Ajoka’s play highlights violence against women The Express Tribune Meant for rural communities where the banned practice of honour killing is still prevalent, the play has been performed in parts of Interior Sindh and Southern Punjab to sensitise local women about their rights and to raise awareness on the issue.

NOA Tasks Women On Active Political Participation In an address at the event, the Director General of NOA, Mr. Mike Omeri said that as the country marches towards 2015 General Elections, Nigerians earnestly desire more active involvement by Nigerian women at the three level of government. He therefore …

Susan Sarandon Says She’s Not a Feminist: Why She Dumped the Label Daily Beast That could be hard swallow for feminist icons like Gloria Steinem, who have rallied for women’s rights alongside the actress, or for her feminist fans, who watched her endorse the “White Man’s Dick” as a symbol of citizen status in a mock PSA to raise …

Rising religious fundamentalism, conservative thinking impacting women … Minivan News Progress toward achieving gender equality has not kept pace with other development achievements in the Maldives, as reflected by the 12 percent of women who have suffered sexual abuse before the age of 15 while one in three have been the victim of …

Police appoints ‘women’s issues’ officer Jerusalem Post Israel Police on Sunday appointed an officer in charge of “women’s issues” for the first time in the history of the organization. Brig.-Gen. Yael Idelman was appointed to the post on Sunday, and according to police will be responsible for improving …

Gender equality an enduring Vanuatu challenge, says academic Radio New Zealand International The second ever Ni-Vanuatu woman to obtain a doctorate says there is still a long way to go for gender equality in Vanuatu. For her PhD study, Andrina Thomas looked into how women’s roles and leadership in Vanuatu has changed since the country …

Fivel Rothberg

A Male Feminist Speaks Out Jewish Daily Forward (blog) Can men be feminists? If so, what does it look like? A recent spate of articles like this one at Policy Mic, this one at On The Issues and this one at Slate tackled these questions. But I wanted to find out more, so I decided to use social media to find a feminist man who I could ask all about what it is like to fight for gender equality while male.

Fivel Rothberg is a filmmaker and educator whose work engages issues like masculinity, fatherhood and progressive social change.

Gender issues in tourism Times of Malta Tourism can provide a number of entry points for currently inactive women. There is a potential for the creation of various employment and self-employment opportunities. However, a number of issues need to be addressed for this to happen in practice.

Army chief ‘taken aback’ by speech going viral SBS Australia’s army chief says he was surprised by the reaction to a lecture he gave to the defence force in June telling them to embrace a culture of gender equality or get out. The lecture was contained in a video posted on Youtube targeted directly at …

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