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UK: Miliband’s woman problem. Tory contender attacks Labour’s all-women shortlists. Maria Miller calls to keep a woman on banknotes.

Ed Miliband with his former advisers Katie Myler and Polly Billington. Photo: Getty

If Ed Miliband wants more women in public life, he can start with his own team New Statesman Ladies love Labour. Or at least, that’s what the polls would suggest. Earlier in the year, the Guardian reported that “women have been pro-Labour in 13 consecutive ICM polls”. In February’s count, 36 per cent of men supported Labour and 29 per cent went for the Tories. Among women, the difference was 51 per cent to 25 per cent.

But does Labour love them back? Yesterday, Ed Miliband told an audience of advertisers that he supported the campaign, launched by New Statesman contributor Caroline Criado-Perez, to ensure a woman other than the Queen should always appear on Britain’s bank notes. (To forestall everyone about to point out what a “trivial issue” that is, can I say: if it means a lot to feminist campaigners, and you think it’s a trivial issue, then you won’t mind giving them their own way, will you?).

Maria Miller. Photo: EPA

Maria Miller calls for Bank of England to keep a woman on banknotes Maria Miller, the Women’s Minister and Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, has urged the Bank of England to keep a woman on banknotes, saying it is “only right” that it recognises leading women of the past in the same way it remembers leading male figures.

Ed Miliband’s speech to to Women in Advertising and Communications London Labour Party But let me be clear: my goal is to get to a Labour cabinet that is 50% women and a Parliament that is like that, and boardrooms and everywhere major decisions are made. We can’t be One Nation if the majority of the population is under-represented in …

Representation of women in crisis, says Ed Miliband The Guardian Ed Miliband has attacked the outgoing governor of the Bank of England in the row over banknotes as he warned of a “crisis” in the way women are represented in British culture. The Labour leader criticised Sir Mervyn King’s comment that Jane Austen was …

Labour leader Ed Miliband criticises ad industry for using sexual imagery … The Drum Labour leader Ed Miliband has warned against the growth of sexualised images targeting youngsters while addressing an audience made up of advertising professionals. Speaking at the Women in Advertising and Communications London event, Milliband …

The Pot Noodle ‘slag’ commerica

Ed Miliband warning over ‘sexualised’ images targeted at children online In a speech, the Labour leader called for more to be done to recognise women in our national culture and warned about “overly sexualised” images being targeted at children online. Mr Miliband spoke of his experience of fathering two young sons and …

‘Crisis’ over portrayal of women Herald Scotland Labour leader Ed Miliband has warned young people are increasingly accessing “sexualised images” of women on their smartphones. Labour leader Ed Miliband has warned young people are increasingly accessing \”sexualised images\” of women on their …

Miliband: Male-dominated banknotes highlight ‘crisis’ in gender representation BBC News Ed Miliband has cited the lack of women featured on banknotes as evidence of a wider “crisis” in gender representation in British culture. In a speech in London, the Labour leader called for more public recognition of the past and current achievements …

Sketch: Ed Miliband’s woman problem Ed Miliband was on Radio 4, expressing concern about an important financial problem. Not the deficit, or inflation, or the possible effects of a rise in interest rates. He was talking about the design of bank notes.

In the eyes of the Labour leader, the problem with our bank notes is that, once Winston Churchill replaces Elizabeth Fry on the £5 note in 2016, there won’t be any women on them. Some people may counter that the Elizabeth Fry notes will still be in circulation even after the advent of the Churchill ones. Others may suggest that, were Mr Miliband to examine the reverse of any British bank note, he would find himself confronted by quite a large picture of someone who is unmistakably a woman.

Mr Miliband, however, is insistent that bank notes better reflect women’s contribution to British history, and today he went on Woman’s Hour to say so.

Falkirk Labour selection process moves ahead as row rumbles on Falkirk Herald Bosses have confirmed there will be an all-women shortlist but also made it clear anyone who was not a member of Falkirk Constituency Labour Party before the middle of March will not participate. A probe was ordered over claims the Unite union had …

Tory contender for Hampstead and Kilburn attacks Labour’s all-women shortlists Ham&High The Conservative candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn – the Tories’ top target seat – has attacked the use of an all-women shortlist to choose his Labour opponent. Comments; Email; Print. To send a link to this page to a friend, you must be logged in.

Campaigning women of 1913 celebrated in Plymouth play This is Plymouth SEVERAL years ago an intriguing photo captured writer Natalie McGrath’s imagination. It showed a group of women and children in early 20th-century dress carrying a banner which read “National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies, Land’s End to London”.

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