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AU: Rudd’s cabinet packed with women, but men in key roles of power. Julia Gillard: It will be easier for the next woman.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who has now lead Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has preferred PM in three polls taken since Wednesday’s leadership challenge, will reportedly increase the number of women in cabinet to 11. Photo: Getty Images


Polls show Labor bounce as Rudd eyes more women for cabinet roles The Australian Financial Review Weekend polls have put Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ahead of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as preferred Prime Minister and shown big bounces for Labor in a number of key Sydney and Melbourne seats. A Galaxy poll published by the Telegraph on Sunday …

Party Games: Kevin Rudd’s cabinet features women in numbers, but men in key … Herald Sun WHILE the extra women in Kevin Rudd’s executive team take female representation to a record level, it’s the blokes who get the key and vital jobs. The names to watch, apart from Rudd of course, are Anthony Albanese, Chris Bowen, Bill Shorten , Kim Carr and Richard Marles. This is Rudd’s inner, economically focused circle and, many Labor MPs hope, the frank and fearless advice that was either not offered or never got through during his first term.

Rudd was all over the airwaves yesterday morning emphasising his line-up had the greatest number of women in any Australian ministry, which is a defensive move against the significant but not overwhelming backlash from many, particularly feminist activists, to the dumping of the country’s first female PM.

Why it was critical for Gillard’s female ministers to stay on Women’s Agenda News that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s front bench is set to contain a record number of women is welcome news. The representation of women in the ministry is set to expand from nine to 11 when Rudd announces today the cabinet he will take to the election.

Rudd’s new cabinet packed with women Herald Sun “They join Penny Wong, the first woman to be leader of the government in the Senate, Jenny Macklin and Tanya Plibersek, who have all demonstrated their strong credentials in the past.” Victorian Senator Collins will enter cabinet as the Minister for …

Kevin Rudd puts record number of women in cabinet An influential Newspoll in The Australian newspaper found Mr Rudd’s return had given the Labor Party a significant boost, lifting the party’s vote by six percentage points from 43 per cent to 49 per cent over the past week. The poll showed the

Australia PM names record number of women in cabinet Gulf Today With Labor trailing badly in the polls Rudd ruthlessly seized the leadership on Wednesday, ousting the country’s first woman prime minister Julia Gillard three years after she had overthrown him. The Labor Party, which is counting on Rudd’s vaunted 

Gender-blind politics: are we there yet? ABC Online The ultimate goal is for gender to be unremarkable. We’re not there yet. Not while radio jocks get infantile in the presence of a female prime minister or people exist who genuinely believe that competence in politics bears some kind of direct …

Eilis O’Hanlon: Julia not a victim of gender politics Irish Independent …Failure is a harsh assessment on Julia Gillard. It shouldn’t be taken literally. She was the first female leader of her country’s Labor Party and the first female Australian prime minister. That’s a historic achievement by any standards. As she said when she was leaving office last week, she has also made it easier for “the next woman, and the woman after that, and the woman after that.”

The multiple repetition of “woman after that” was a clever verbal riposte to the misogynists, reminding them that history ain’t on their side. Too many gloom merchants cannot see beyond the limitations of their own era. Gillard was looking to the future. It was to her credit. I simply mean failure in the way that all political careers end in failure, as Enoch Powell once said, either with lost elections or lost leadership bids. Few get to choose the moment of their own going, either in politics or in life.

Rudd back as Australian PM after Gillard loses labour ballot news domain-B Australia’s first women prime minister Julia Gillard lost the labour party leadership ballot just months ahead of the general elections due in September to rival Kevin Rudd, whom she had ousted and repalced in 2010. Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard …

Australia PM Julia Gillard: It will be easier for the next woman Mail & Guardian Online A teary-eyed Julia Gillard conceded to her Labour Party rival Kevin Rudd, and talked about what her term as prime minister might mean for other women. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaks to the media after her defeat in a party room vote to …

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