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UK: Clegg’s comments on domestic violence. Politicians join fight to keep women on British banknotes.

Altrincham feminists state their case. Photograph: Jinan Younis for the Guardian

What happened when I started a feminist society at school The Guardian We wanted to challenge sexist behaviour – but we unleashed a flood of abuse from our male peers.

‘…I decided to set up a feminist society at my school, which has previously been named one of “the best schools in the country”, to try to tackle these issues. However, this was more difficult than I imagined as my all-girls school was hesitant to allow the society. After a year-long struggle, the feminist society was finally ratified.

What I hadn’t anticipated on setting up the feminist society was a massive backlash from the boys in my wider peer circle. They took to Twitter and started a campaign of abuse against me. I was called a “feminist bitch”, accused of “feeding [girls] bullshit”, and in a particularly racist comment was told “all this feminism bull won’t stop uncle Sanjit from marrying you when you leave school”.

Our feminist society was derided with retorts such as, “FemSoc, is that for real? #DPMO” [don’t piss me off] and every attempt we made to start a serious debate was met with responses such as “feminism and rape are both ridiculously tiring”.

Politicians join fight to keep women on British banknotes The decision means that there will be no women represented for their contributions to the country’s history on the British banknote, apart from Her Majesty the Queen. Now 46 members of Parliament and of the House of Lords have written letters to both …

David Cameron urged to give married couples tax break DAVID CAMERON was last night facing a fresh Tory revolt over the Coalition’s failure to deliver a tax break for married couples. By: Macer Hall. Published: Fri, June 21, 2013. Tweet · 2 Comments. David-Cameron-faced-more-defiance-from-the-Right- David …

BIS: ‘Government must match rhetoric with action on equal pay’ The Guardian The government is committed to increasing the representation of women on company boards, but it must now demonstrate the same commitment to addressing female under-representation in other areas of the economy. As well as a change in what is thought …

Call for national push to get more women into sciences The Guardian National initiatives are needed to tackle the under-representation of women in certain business sectors such as science, technology, engineering and maths, a group of MPs has said. The business select committee has urged ministers to launch a …

Nick Clegg under fire as he calls Charles Saatchi assault ‘just a fleeting thing’ Evening Standard Pressure group End Violence Against Women tweeted: “Reported response of Nick Clegg about whether he’d have intervened in Saatchi violence is terrible – need leadership from politicians.” Mr Clegg issued a statement later in an attempt to clarify his …

No, Nick Clegg didn’t say domestic violence was a “fleeting thing” New Statesman Nick Clegg revealed how little he understands violence against women this morning. Far too often violence against women is dismissed as fleeting or unimportant. Too often public institutions don’t take it seriously enough. Domestic violence is still a …

Nick Clegg fails to condemn Saatchi assault on Nigella The End Violence Against Women Coalition tweeted immediately after Mr Clegg’s comments: “Reported response of Nick Clegg about whether he’d have intervened in Saatchi violence is terrible – need leadership from politicians.” Miss Lawson, 53, a hugely …

Nick Clegg. Photograph: Getty Images

No, Nick Clegg didn’t say domestic violence was a “fleeting thing” Nick Clegg took a meandering route in response to a question at his radio phone-in today and fell under the bus of internet outrage. And at the time of writing, he’s still there. During the phone-in he was asked what he’d have done were he a witness to the Nigella Lawson/Saatchi scene, after Saatchi was photographed holding his wife’s throat, and this is what he said:

Nick Clegg condemns domestic violence after criticism over Saatchi …The Guardian Nick Clegg has rushed out a statement to make clear he condemns “all forms of domestic violence” after he was attacked for declining to criticise Charles Saatchi for clutching the throat of his wife, Nigella Lawson.

(Link to video: Nick Clegg declines to comment on Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson incident)

The deputy prime minister issued a clarification after Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, said Clegg should have condemned the incident outright after Saatchi accepted a police caution.

Clegg was asked by a caller on his weekly LBC phone-in how he would have reacted if he had seen the incident between Lawson and Saatchi at Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair. He said it was difficult to comment on the incident because there was “one photograph” and it may have been fleeting.

Clegg said: “I don’t know what happened. When you see a couple having an argument I think most people just assume that the couple will resolve it themselves. If of course something descends into outright violence then that’s something different.

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