Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Soubry ‘clarifies’ female GP comments. US: Wisconsin announces Margaret Thatcher Award. Is gun violence prevention anti-feminist?

Study: Female Politicans Are Stereotyped, But Not as Women National Journal “Voters seem to be ambivalent towards female politicians and to have ill-defined ideas about what it means to be a female politician,” write political scientists Monica C. Schneider and Angela L. Bos, in the latest issue of the Journal Political …

United Kingdom

The government is failing young women on career advice The Guardian The report identified barriers to women progressing at work, including access to childcare. It is encouraging to see the recognition of the contribution that older female workers can make – an issue that Labour has been championing through an Older…

Soubry ‘clarifies’ female GP comments Practice Business The accusations came after Conservative MP Anne McIntosh made a comment in a debate on Wednesday that it was a “tremendous burden” on the NHS to train women GPs if they went part-time soon after qualifying. Soubry responded that the MP had made …

United States

Kyle Coplen, founder of the Armed Citizen Project. Credit: New York Daily News

Houston Gun Group Fights The ‘War On Women’ By Handing Out Free Shotguns ThinkProgress …Women are an increasingly important consumer base to gun manufacturers and the NRA, a trend visible in the rise of typically exploitive, sexist marketing. But the real effect guns have on women’s security is exactly the reverse. A gun in the home often risks accidental deaths or suicide attempts, while it is also invariably more dangerous to women in abusive relationships. Women are not safer with guns, despite the NRA and allies’ insistence that gun violence prevention is anti-feminist.

Coplen hopes to eventually use his initiative as a type of field experiment that proves that guns have a “deterrent effect” on crime. However, the best research out there shows that the number of guns and gun deaths go hand-in-hand.

Free guns for ‘vulnerable’ women in Houston MSNBC On its website, the group describes itself as “dedicated to training and arming vulnerable women” and “fighting the war on women, one free shotgun at a time.” The group is also geared toward providing residents of high-crime neighborhoods with firearms …

Right Women Line Up To Choose Winners of Right Women Awards Newsradio 620 (blog) Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch announced today on Midday with Charlie Sykes the appointment of 17 accomplished conservative women to the selection committee charged with choosing the winners of the first-ever Margaret Thatcher …

Why Democrats Still Need Working-Class White Voters (And How To Get Them) ThinkProgress Romney’s inability to make substantial gains among white working-class women was central to his failure to run up large enough margins among the white working class overall to win the election. The other group that should be mentioned is white working …

GOP Senator Inadvertently Explains Why Women Are Better Suited… Are young men just too hormonal for the battlefield?


Councillor Jaye Robinson in 2011. CARLOS OSORIO / TORONTO STAR

Rob Ford boots last woman, Jaye Robinson, off executive committee Toronto Star Two of the three conservative women continue to serve in prominent positions for which Ford chose them: Frances Nunziata is the council speaker, Karen Stintz is the chair of the TTC. But Ford has repeatedly castigated Stintz, and he has called his …

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