Gender and Politics in the media

Ire: Constitutional convention favours “gender-neutral” language. Women-only election brawl brewing in Paris. AU: Gillard, Abbott equal on trust with female voters

Convention favours gender equality and change to ‘women in home’ clause Irish Times The constitutional convention has narrowly rejected a proposal to amend the Constitution to ensure the State takes action to enhance women’s participation in politics and public life. However, suggested measures to introduce “gender-neutral” language into the Constitution, and to alter the clause on women in the home, received strong support from participants who met in Malahide, Co Dublin, at the weekend.

Women-only election brawl brewing in Paris FRANCE 24 (blog) Of the thousands of elections that will take place across France in just over one year, perhaps no other will get more attention than the one in Paris. Socialist mayor Bertrand Delanoë is stepping down after 12 years and the fisticuff for the French capital is already stealing headlines. The main event is shaping up to be a women-only royal rumble you won’t want to miss. The favorite, according to early opinion polls, is Anne Hidalgo. A fellow socialist, she has served as Delanoë’s deputy ever since he took office. Although she has been anointed by the mayor as his chosen successor, city hall sources that asked to remain anonymous wonder if the 53-year-old has the fire or the fight needed to face her formidable challengers.

A poll of female voters found Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott were trusted equally. Picture: Gary Ramage Source: The Daily Telegraph

Gillard, Abbott equal on trust with female voters An exclusive Galaxy poll of 800 female voters conducted for News Ltd found 38 per cent of women believed the Prime Minister was the leader they would most likely trust. The Opposition Leader tied with 38 per cent of female voters responding they were most likely to trust him. Galaxy’s David Briggs said reasons for Ms Gillard’s low showing were obvious having broken promises on the carbon tax and a surplus but Mr Abbott had failed to benefit, he said.

Galaxy poll shows female voters choose Tony Abbott The Daily Telegraph Female voters have rejected Julia Gillard’s claim Tony Abbott is a misogynist and are preparing to elect him prime minister despite some concerns about his “negativity” and views on abortion. In the nation’s first female-only Galaxy poll, The Sunday…

Afghan women march against violence Video on Women in Afghanistan marked Valentine’s Day by holding a march …

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