UK: Miliband takes lead with female voters. Israel: Elections Bring Record Number of Women. Saudi Women Feel Marginalized by Council Snub.

Miliband takes lead with female voters over Cameron In an interview with The Telegraph earlier this month, Dame Tessa Jowell, Labour MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, said: “I think David Cameron is perceived by regular women as a sexist…however I don’t think it is perception problem. I think it’s a …

Ayelet Shaked. Photo: Yoel Meltzer.

Elections Bring Record Number of Women and Religious Knesset Members Algemeiner 26 women and 38 religious Knesset members will serve the 19th Knesset— record numbers for both groups. The 18th Knesset had 22 women and 28 religious Knesset members. In addition 13 members of the new Knesset are Arab and Druze. Military men …

WEF 2013: Lagarde talks gender equality, mentions Delhi gangrape victim Firstpost Davos: IMF chief Christine Lagarde invoked the Delhi gangrape incident during a speech at the World Economic Forum while emphasising that expectations of Indian women on gender equity must be met. She also remembered the young Pakistani victim …

Members of the Saudi Shura Council, July 1, 2007 (photo by REUTERS/Ali Jarekji)

Saudi Conservative Women Feel Marginalized by Shura Council Snub Al-Monitor When King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia issued a royal decree earlier this month naming 30 women to the consultative Shura Council, his decision was widely welcomed inside and outside the country. Local columnist Mshari al-Zaydi described it as “an …

Doors opening for Saudi women  Video on After generations of male domination, Saudi women are preparing …

Facts and figures on Jordan’s parliamentary elections Fox News Another three seats are reserved for the Chechen and Circassian minorities; and fifteen are designated for women in line with a quota under the election law of 2012. Additionally, there are 61 lists — each with up to 27 members — fielded by political …

Group aims to boost Utah women in politics Salt Lake Tribune It hopes to create a opportunity for women interested in politics to meet one another, and to hear from Republican and Democratic leaders. The social will have information available for participants on its training session on March 16 that will focus …

Syria Women Run In Refugee Camp Elections

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