Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Labour shortlists 2 women for Rotherham by-election, It’s time to woo British women, Cameron

Carlisle mums talk to Prime Minister David Cameron about potty training Times & Star Advice on potty training was the last thing a group of Carlisle mums thought they would be talking to David Cameron about.

Times and Star

Labour shortlists two women for Rotherham by-election BBC News Labour has shortlisted two women to fight the by-election in Rotherham to replace disgraced MP Denis MacShane. Former RAF Wing Commander Sophy Gardner and Sarah Champion, who runs the Bluebell Wood children’s hospice, have been chosen by…

It’s time to woo British women, David Cameron As the Corby by-election looms, the Prime Minister should follow President Barack Obama’s example in the US and target female voters

Women see commuting time increases during the recession Using the Government’s Labour Force Survey, a TUC study found that men now spend an average of 58 minutes a day travelling between their home and workplace, a fall of 0.2 minutes over the past six years.

Labour MP Jamie Reed sparks Twitter storm after asking if a woman on his train … Daily Mail A Labour frontbencher has been forced to apologise after using Twitter to make jokes about a woman’s moustache. Shadow health minister Jamie Reed was updating his 19,000 followers about an ‘obnoxious’ passenger on his train when he asked is she was ‘growing that for Movember’ – the cancer charity event which encourages men to grow a moustache in November.

Nadine Dorries: brave Tory rebel or a self-serving stunt woman? The Guardian Get Me Out of Here! is an astonishingly rude attack on the well-bred, self-controlled establishment headed by David Cameron. Lest we fail to get the message that she has rebelled against the tyranny of those who suppose themselves to be superior to her …

NICK CLEGG CALLS FOR FLEXIBLE WORKING DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg will this week try to enlist the “missing million” women locked out of Britain’s economy due to inflexible labour laws. He will unveil plans to make it a right for all employees to request flexible working patterns from …

Clegg announces flexible hours plans The Guardian The Resolution Foundation found that women are locked out of the labour market – particularly when they choose to start a family – largely due to high childcare costs. The UK ranks 15th in the OECD for female activity in the economy. It is claimed that …

Nick Clegg unveils plan for flexitime working patterns In another speech on Wednesday, Maria Miller, the equalities minister, will set out more taxpayer assistance for those wishing to set up child care businesses. The high cost of child care is seen as a main obstacle for women wishing to return to work …

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