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Is David Cameron exaggerating female employment figures? PMQs snapshot: David Cameron, ladies’ man

PMQs snapshot: David Cameron, ladies’ man At Prime Minister’s Questions today, David Cameron was asked again and again about women. What was he doing to help jobless women? And why weren’t there more women in his Cabinet – weren’t women “butch” enough for him? But Mr Cameron was determined to show that he isn’t the male chauvinist pig his Labour critics make him out to be. “Do we need to help encourage more women into politics and see more women at a higher level? Yes!” he cried passionately.

FactCheck: How much has female employment risen since 2010?
Channel 4 News (blog) The claim: “Women’s employment, the number of women in employment, is actually up 128,000 this quarter and that is up 250,000 more women in work than at the time of the last election. I think that is encouraging.”   David Cameron MP, Prime Minister’s Questions, Wednesday 12 September 2012

Is David Cameron exaggerating female employment figures? Full Fact In another round of Prime Ministers Questions earlier today, David Cameron faced criticism from Labour MP Chris Bryant that the Government’s record on women in work left much to be desired. But did the claims from the men do justice to the women’s …

A quietly simmering PMQs (blog) Today Chris Bryant used it again when he accused the prime minister of anti-female prejudice in the recent reshuffle. ‘He described himself as butch last week,’ said Bryant. ‘Just what is his problem with women?’

Cheryl Gillan: Reshuffle coverage ‘reprehensible’ BBC News Ex-minister Cheryl Gillan has said some of the coverage of the reshuffle was “really rather reprehensible” and would put women off entering politics. The ex-Welsh Secretary denied reports she cried when she was sacked, adding: “Do I strike you as the crying type?”

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