Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, Green election shows how positive discrimination hurts women

Natalie Bennett has the ambition and nous to push the Green party forward The Guardian (blog) Well, it’s not every day the Guardian can claim an election success. Former Guardian Weekly editor Natalie Bennett has just swept to victory as the new leader of the Green party of England and Wales

Green election shows how positive discrimination hurts women Minutes after Natalie Bennett was elected Green party leader, deputy leadership candidates Caroline Allen and Alexandra Phillip were dropped from the race because of their genitals. That’s where positive discrimination gets us. The Green party has an enforced gender split at the top. If the party leader is male, the deputy party leader must be female and visa-versa.

Profile: Green Party leader Natalie Bennett BBC News Australian-born former journalist Natalie Bennett, 46, is the new leader of the Green Party in England and Wales. She replaces the party’s most high-profile figure, Caroline Lucas – who became the first Green MP at the last election.

‘Not enough women in top council posts’ The Oxford Times At Oxford City Council , only one of four senior officers and two of 10 executive board members are women. Council leader Bob Price said most councils needed more female representation, but women were often tied down by domestic duties more so than 

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