Gender and Politics in the media

How Irish women lost political power, Political roles grow for women in Canada

How Irish women lost political power Irish Independent During the War of Independence, more than 10,000 women were active campaigners for the cause of Irish Republicanism. Yet within 20 years, only a handful remained in national politics — by 1940, there were virtually no prominent women of power on the political stage in Ireland. What happened?

Political roles grow for women Lethbridge Herald Overall, Canada ranks 42nd in the world for the number of women in politics, something first-term councillor Mearns says needs to change. “We have to figure out what those barriers are and correct it,” said Mearns, who is also the daughter Lethbridge

Togo women push sex strike to unseat president The Seattle Times The female wing of a civil rights group is urging women in Togo to stage a week-long sex strike to demand the resignation of the country’s president. Women are being asked to start withholding sex from their husbands or partners as of Monday, said …

New voters: More women register Times of India HMEDABAD: Women have outshone men in the process of registration of new voters in the state. Although the revision of electoral rolls will be on till the end of this month, it has come on record that this time more new women voters than men have been registered. Sources in the State Election Commission said that while 6.6 lakh new women voters have been enlisted since the process began in June this year, the number of men is slightly less and stands at 6.2 lakh.

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