Updated: Women and elections in Egypt

NEW Egypt’s women rise up Salon This election and the constitution to be framed in its aftermath will set a course for Egypt’s fledgling democracy, and there is almost no one who has more at stake than the country’s women.

NEW Who will be getting Egyptian women’s vote? Channel 4 News (UK) Egyptians take to the polls today to vote for the first democratically elected president in 60 years. But after being so involved in the revolution, is there a role for women in Egypt’s future?NEW Women Vote For The First Time In Egypt | IBTimes TV Voters line up in women-only polling stations to pick their president in a wide open election

NEW Egyptian women challenge rights abuses, militarization globalpost.com CAIRO — It was the middle of the night in Cairo when Ragia Omran, one of the country’s most prominent human rights lawyers, rushed to C-28, Egypt’s notorious military court, where almost 300 civilian detainees were being held without lawyers. Omran, a self-described feminist and human rights activist was there attempting to legally represent the protesters which included 26 female detainees — one as young as 14-years old — all accused by the military prosecution of attacking military personnel.

Egypt elections: The challenge of appealing to women BBC News Egypt’s presidential candidates have discovered an important, but strangely neglected, constituency in the election, which begins on Wednesday. They have been making a last-minute push for the women’s vote. Pollsters believe women make up one of the highest proportions of undecided voters, in a country where the most recent polls suggest more than a third of voters have yet to make up their minds.

Egyptian Women Contemplate Future Under New Leaders Voice of America CAIRO – Egypt’s new political era is inspiring some women to become more assertive of their rights, even as others worry a possible Islamist victory in this week’s presidential election might lead to those rights being curtailed. A recent women’s rights conference in Cairo attracted a cross section of Egyptians — Muslims, Christians, leftists and conservatives. Organizers of the new “An Egyptian Woman” campaign say they are reaching out to women across economic lines as well, especially to the poor, who often felt disenfranchised by the old government.

Egypt elections: ‘Women need a champion’ CNN Editor’s note: Hania Sholkamy is an Egyptian social anthropologist and associate research professor at the Social Research Centre of the American University in Cairo. She writes for CNN on the eve of Egypt’s landmark presidential election. Cairo — The one thing that Egyptians know for certain is that their next president is not a woman. That is because there are no female candidates contesting the presidential elections.

Fatwa bans Mauritanian women from becoming president Al-Arabiya Mauritanian women expressed their outrage at a fatwa issued by the advisor of President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz which bans women from becoming presidents even though they are allowed to contest the elections. “Women can run for the presidency as long as they have no chance of winning. They can just do that for fun,” said Islamic scholar and presidential advisor Aslamo Ould Sidi al-Mustafa.

NEW Number of Registered Voters for Libya Election Exceeds 75%, 44% Women Tripoli Post …According to the HNEC’s last report the percentage of women who have registered for the June 19 election has reached 44%.

No female quotas for new Danish equality model Nordic Labour Journal The Danish government wants businesses to get more women into boardrooms but not by using female quotas.

NEW Outdated Values Slow Women’s Political Rise The Moscow Times The number of female ministers in the new government has dropped to just two from three in the previous Cabinet — a decline that sparked much discussion Tuesday as to why so few women play a role in Russian politics. Sociologists and politicians told The Moscow Times that Russia’s overarching patriarchal character has resulted in widespread discrimination and that job quotas for women should be enforced.

Indonesia is No Model for Muslim Democracy New York Times (Opinion) 

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